About Us

Established in 2005, Redstone Partners focuses on recruiting C-level executives to join early stage, high growth technology and digital media companies, as well as investment professionals for Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms. Redstone has offices located in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts with global reach through a well developed database and an extensive network.

Redstone recruits experienced professionals who have a broad range of skills to assist early stage growth companies succeed. We assist our clients in building winning teams and competitive organizations. Redstone also recruits investment professionals for Venture Capital Firms that generate deal flow and superior returns for their investors to create wealth for shareholders and entrepreneurs.

Redstone Partners offers a selective client list that eliminates candidate contention and off-limits issues often found in larger search firms. We utilize a case team methodology to assist in finding the highest quality candidates efficiently. Redstone values your time and seek to provide an immediate and constant flow of valuable real-time information and communication.

Redstone gives each client focused attention until the best candidate for the job is secured.

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